About us

We are a team of passionate techies that believe in one common goal to bring our merchants’ dreams to reality. Our ultimate focus is to minimise the complexity in eCommerce by developing simple solutions with simple solutions and make it accessible for everyone.

Our story!

It all started with a simple idea, Develop a tool to help users build eCommerce store. This laid the foundation for J2Store, a Joomla extension that lets you create an eCommerce site. It was a huge success! Yes, we felt like we hit the jackpot with J2Store.

But we didn’t want to limit ourselves to Joomla, we wanted to explore more in the world of eCommerce. This is where we found that there were not many accomplished Discount & Loyalty program plugins in WordPress. So we developed Flycart to help WooCommerce store owners increase sales and grow a loyal customer base. 

Flycart soared like an Eagle, this gave us the confidence to push beyond our comfort zone. We wanted to build a complete SaaS tool and so we developed Retainful. At first, it was just a Cart recovery tool but now Retainful has grown into an end-to-end Email marketing automation platform.

We value our customer’s feedback, it helps us grow. They wanted a standalone Loyalty plugin for WooCommerce, so we built WPLoyalty for them. Then they asked for a chat-like app, which inspired us to build ShopJar.

There are more products waiting in our development pipeline. Cartrabbit always believe ‘Customers come first’, this helps us build products what the customers are looking for and that’s the secret behind our success, ‘Play where the demand is high’.

Numbers speak for themselves

Cartrabbit wasn’t built in a day. We took our time and now we are where we belong.


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We do it ‘The Cartrabbit way’

Ecommerce business can be tad complex at times, merchants may find it hard to cope with the ever-growing market & its demand. This is where we step in,  we hate developing a product & pushing it to the users.

Instead, we look at the market & merchants, then find an area where users feel the maximum strain. Now we know what’s troubling them. Then we go back to our drawing board & build a product that meets their requirements and closes the resource gap. 

We always believe in building a product that a merchant actually wants instead of building a product that we think a merchant deserves.This is what helped us and our products to stay relevant & top in the ever-changing market. 

Cartrabbit milestones Cartrabbit wasn’t built in a day. We had our fair amount of ups and downs. We never stopped believing, no matter the circumstances and that took us to where we are today.

The Cartrabbit Experience

We offer the best for our employees as they are the heart and soul of this company.

Lunch & Refreshments

Medical insurance

Flexible working hours

Great learning environment

Weekend Off

Yearly performance appraisals

Monthly fun events

Skill training in B2B vertical

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